Being highly sensitive to energy and intuitive, Reiki has become my  main spiritual and healing modality that I combine with other ancient healing traditions and body-mind techniques, whose transformative effects I have experience personally.  

Sessions are held in person in Barcelona as well as remotely.

In a Reiki session - both distance and in person -I will guide you to help you connect to the Universal Life Force energy to attain balance and harmony for your whole being (body, mind, emotions and spirit), thus reducing stress and promoting wellbeing
with Reiki Master Teacher Paola Devescovi
Private Reiki Sessions
Using my intuition and spiritual guidance, I may integrate the Reiki session with visualization, journeying, crystals and other energy healing modalities.  

Come to the session with an open mind, enjoy and trust the experience and get ready to receive (this is very often the most difficult part) for your highest good and the highest good of all.


Individual 60 Minute Sessions

€ 55 (about $ 65)
(VAT included, where applicable)

Meet Paola
Hi, I'm Paola Devescovi, multi passionate Internet entrepreneur, Certified Transformational and Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Master & Breathwork Teacher. I'm also a student of life, people, success, business, money, synchronicity, the ultimate nature of our reality, manifestation and intuition, energy and the mind.

Everything I have learned - and continue to learn - is part of my bioindividual approach to coaching and teaching Reiki and energy medicine and psychology techniques that I combine with science, mind-body techniques, strategy and ancient wisdom and traditions to help my clients achieve often extraordinary results. What I teach is the result of my personal experience and are the same principles and approach that I apply in my life.
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